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Former "drama diva" . A.R.

Filmmaker Magazine
Winter 2007 Issue
Logging the miles . S.S.

GreenCine Best of 2006
December 18, 2006
Twenty Worthy Undistributed Films from 2006 Festival Screenings. J.M..

Scott Macaulay Filmmaker Magazine Blog
November 3, 2006
New Bridges for Kat Candler and Stacy Schoolfield. S.M..

Mike Tully Indiewire Blog
November 3, 2006
I highly recommend you check it out . M.T..

Green Cine - INTERVIEW
November 3, 2006
New Bridges for Kat Candler and Stacy Schoolfield. D.L..

Sarasota Herald Tribune - REVIEW
November 2, 2006
Strikingly real characters and a wealth of ethical dilemmas. A.W..

Urban Pollution - REVIEW
October 24, 2006
An exploration into a tightly knit social circle of four friends --A.S..

The Nashville Scene
October 12, 2006
Critics Picks --J.R..

Tallahassee Democrat - REVIEW
October 6, 2006
Understated "Bridges" perfectly captures teen's lives--M.H..

October 5, 2006
Local Talent jumps onto the Silver Screen. --D.L..

October 3, 2006
An Austin made movie with a powerful message.

The Fairfield Weekly - REVIEW
September 29, 2006
jumping off bridges stood out from the pack . --T.G.

The Albuquerque Tribune - REVIEW
September 28, 2006
This is one tough movie.. --J.M.

The Austin Chronicle
September 28, 2006
Getting through something hard. --A.P.

The Albuquerque Tribune
September 15, 2006
Austin filmmaker, Kat Cander, is 31 ... --J.M.

The Pitch
September 14, 2006
As part of the Kansas International Film Festival --M.M.

UNM Today
September 8, 2006
UNM Today: In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Week

The Egotist
August 12, 2006
Kat Candler: The Next Sofia Coppola?

Dallas Observer
August 10, 2006
Deserving of some art-house play are two narratives with Texas ties. --R.W.

Dallas Observer
August 10, 2006
If you see this blurb by Wednesday, August 9, you can still catch the screening of Jumping Off Bridge --S.M.

Filmthreat - REVIEW
June 2, 2006
Touching, funny and sobering ... --M.B.

Entertaining U
May 4, 2006
There's something about adolescence that begs for cinematic interpretation. --A.S.

Florida Times-Union
April 14, 2006
This year's Jacksonville Film Festival looks to have a considerable local flavor - including a horror movie starring Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. --M.S.

Cinematical - REVIEW
March 24, 2006
While the plot description might remind you of Ordinary People, the two movies could not be more different. --J.K.

Ain't It Cool News - REVIEW
March 20, 2006
I can't help but love it. --D.L.

Filethirteen - REVIEW
March 17, 2006
Kat Candler's "cicadas" is one of my all time favorite Austin films. --Lodger

Jack Kyser - REVIEW
March 17, 2006
If the South by Southwest Film Festival is a showcase for underground, independent films, then Kat Candler 's "Jumping Off Bridges" should feel right at home with the rest of this year's entries. --J.K.

Ain't It Cool News - REVIEW
March 17, 2006
Shot locally in Austin, this film follows the lives of four high school kids who are having to deal with the suicide of one of their mothers. Each friend deals with it differently, from depression to comforting to avoidance to slight violence. --Merrick

The Austin Chronicle - REVIEW
March 16, 2006
Austin filmmaker Kat Candler is one of the most astute observers of teenage behavior working behind a camera today, and jumping off bridges, her powerful, resonant examination into the impact of suicide on those left behind is as realistic a narrative portrait of love, death, and human debris as anything you're ever likely to see onscreen. --M.S.

The Austin American-Statesman - REVIEW
March 16, 2006
Kat Candler's moving Austin-made teen drama has enjoyed sold-out crowds � and raves. --C.G.

Austin American-Statesman
March 13, 2006
After your film gets into the South by Southwest Film Festival, the next step is spreading the word about it. To publicize Austinite Kat Candler's movie "Jumping Off Bridges," publicist Shelly Kanter created a writing contest for journalism students in the Austin Independent School District. --S.L.

The Daily Texan
March 9-12, 2006
jumping off bridges tells the story of two bridge enthusiasts.

KUT Radio - Arts Eclectic
March 10, 2006
Kat Candler wrote and directed Jumping Off Bridges, in part, out of a desire to reconnect with her teenage years. The film and its plot are works of fiction, but the characters were inspired by Kat's own high school friends. --M.L.

KUT Radio
March 10, 2006
As KUT s Julie Moody reports there's one small and local indy film that may make a big splash too and this one was made right here in Austin. --J.M.

The Austin Chronicle
March 9, 2006
Filmmakers here have long supported each other and made films possible with the requisite complement of blood, sweat, and tears, but confidence in our directors is starting to write checks they (and their crews) can actually cash. --S.P.

San Antonio-Express News
March 7, 2006
The South by Southwest Film Festival may well be the coming-out party for Texas' full-fledged independent film scene. At the festival, which runs Friday through March 18, Texas filmmakers such as Austin's Kat Candler will try to find a place in a brutal business. --J.O.

The Florida Times-Union
March 3, 2006
There will a definite Northeast Florida flavor at this month's South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, which has chosen three films with links to the area.. --M.S.

March 2, 2006
Premiering at this month's South By Southwest Film Festival, writer-director Kat Candler looks back on her teenage years to create a coming-of-age-story. --J.G.

The Austin Chronicle
February 23, 2006
In her final days shooting jumping off bridges last summer, writer/director Kat Candler mused what came next. "We're thinking of running a marathon," she said. -- J.O.

February 10, 2006
Kat Candler SXSW Interview -- S.W.

The Austin American Statesman
August 20, 2005
Austin filmmaker Kat Candler might not jump off tall structures like the subjects in her new movie, but she isn't afraid to take a risk and see where she lands -- C.G

Austin Wide Open
August 19, 2005
Austin independents struggle for independence. -- Gregory Collins

The Austin Chronicle
August 18, 2005
Rough Cuts: Kat Candler sat on a Ramsay Park bench nibbling pasta while the young stars of her jumping off bridges shot some hoops on the nearby playground. " ... -- J.O.

Ain't It Cool News
August 17, 2005
Kat Candler - made a wonderful film a few years back and recently got the mayor of Austin to leap off a bridge here - seriously. --H.K.

Austin Film Society
August 16, 2005
jumping off bridges is the proud recipient of a $5,000 Texas Filmmaker's Production Fund Grant.

July 29, 2005
Austinist Interview with Kat Candler, Austin Filmmaker. -- A.C.

KVUE, Austin, TX
July 28, 2005
Weather didn't stop Austin's mayor from jumping Wednesday night off the Pfluger Bridge, right into Town Lake.

The Austin American Statesman
Inside Movies, July 21, 2005
Fifteen years ago, actor Michael Emerson was teaching a Shakespeare workshop in Florida. One of his students was high school student Kat Candler, who now lives and makes films in Austin ... -- C.G

KXAN, Austin, TX
July 21, 2005
An independent movie being shot in Austin is tackling the subject of suicide and grief.

The Austin Chronicle
July 8, 2005
Kat Crosses a Bridge: My personal buzz list of recent Austin homegrown independent films is brief: Alex Holdridge's Sexless, Bryan Poyser and Jacob Vaughan's Dear Pillow, Kyle Henry's Room and Kat Candler's cicadas. -- J.O.

The Austin American Statesman
Inside Movies, June 23, 2005
Local filmmaking star Kat Candler starts shooting her second feature "Jumping Off Bridges" in Austin and Bastrop on July 1. -- C.G